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The McElrath-Slade 

Wholeness Institute

The McElrath-Slade Wholeness Institute

The Wholeness Institute sponsors community outreach and development programs which bring together local service providers with the people in the community who are most in need. We address the necessity for physical, emotional, mental, social, and economic wholeness in individuals, which impacts families and changes communities.


The Institute works collaboratively with faith-based, philanthropic, government, corporate, academic, and community service organizations to meet the basic human needs of all people by providing tools to enhance whole lives.

Our programs focus:

  • A Whole Body: addresses physical needs by providing food, clothing and laundry services, information and assistance for housing, and access to medical care and health screenings for participants in need.

  • A Whole Soul: addresses emotional needs by providing assessment and access to psychological counseling services.

  • A Whole Mind: addresses intellectual needs by providing skills assessment, career development planning, and training to assist the unemployed and underemployed in finding employment.

  • A Whole Economy: addresses economic needs by providing the skills to establish and maintain financial stability.

  • A Whole Community: addresses social needs by providing access to legal services, academic and professional mentoring, and by creating networking opportunities to help participants become active members of the community.

our goals
  • To create collaborative networks to identify and create solutions to meet the needs of the community.

  • To connect people in need with resources.

  • To equip individuals with the tools for cultivating physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual wholeness.

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